3 Possible Reasons Your Pool Filter Isn't Working

How To Fix A Damaged Pool Filter

A pool filter is vital for avoiding health problems at your pool. It helps trap contaminants and other particles in the water, so your pool stays clean and pleasant. When a filter is not working properly, you might notice that your pool water is circulating but it still appears dirty, hazy, or milky.

Here are some common pool filter problems to help you troubleshoot and fix your filter:

  1. Pressure problems
    Excessive pressure in the pool filter tank can arise due to a mismatched pump and filter. If you use a smaller filter than required for your size pump, then that the pump will be pushing more water towards the filter than it can handle, causing pressure to build up, which will reduce its efficiency.

    A dirty filter can also cause pressure to buildup. If you use a cartridge filter, rinsing it could solve the problem. Sand filters need to be backwashed or DE filters need to be bumped at set intervals for optimal function.

    If cleaning the filter doesn’t solve the problem, then the problem could be due to a clog in the plumbing lines.

    Keep in mind that high pressure in your filter tank can cause the laterals to crack, allowing sand to escape into the pool. If not corrected promptly, it can cause the tank to crack or the filter lid to blow off.

  2. Worn or cracked spider gasket
    The spider gasket (large ring connected to a small centre ring with 4-5 spokes) is located inside the multi-port valve on sand and DE filters. If you spot any water dripping from the valve or waste line when the switch is set to “filter,” it could indicate that the spider gasket is worn or damaged. Damage to the spider gasket occurs when the valve is used with the pump running.

    If the spider gasket is damaged, check the valve combo first for the valve model or material number, which you can use to cross-reference the right replacement gasket.

    Keep in mind that some manufacturers only sell spider gaskets with the diverter. In such a case, you will need to buy the whole diverter assembly or even a completely new valve.

  3. Filter material flowing back into the system
    Most filter-related problems involve simple things going wrong, like sand flowing back into the system due to a cracked lateral or a broken standpipe. These replacement parts are readily available for a quick fix. If you notice DE powder in the pool, inspect the grids and standpipe o-ring for cracked or worn out areas, and replace accordingly.

    Lastly, if you use DE filters, you should be careful not to add excess DE powder when refilling the grid as it could leak into the pool. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the right amount.


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