5 Pool-Safety Tools You Should Own

Everyone enjoys summer days spent swimming and playing around the pool. But, if proper safety measures aren’t put into place, pools can be dangerous adults, children, and pets.

Pool Safety Tools For Your Home

There’s nothing more important than keeping your family members and visitors safe. The following are five pool safety tools every house with a pool should have to ensure the safety of pool-users.

  1. Pool Fence
  2. Your first line of defense should be a barrier around your pool. Installing a permanent fence around the perimeter of the pool area prevents children and pets from accessing the pool without supervision.

  3. Automatic Pool Cover
  4. Placing a cover over the pool when it’s not in use can prevent accidents. Automatic pool covers are designed to bear a significant amount of weight, so they won’t collapse if children or pets step on them.

    They are also secured on the sides, which prevents children from lifting up the side and slipping into the pool.

  5. Alarms
  6. There are many types of alarms you can use to alert you of a potential safety risk. Placing an alarm on your gate or door is an essential line of defense. Alarms let you know if someone has entered the pool area without your permission.

    Floating alarms are portable battery-powered devices that are placed in or mounted on the edge of the pool. These devices sense water displacement when a heavy object enters the pool. A remote receiver sounds the alarm so you know to check the pool.

    A personal alarm is a waterproof sensor worn on the wrist. It is key locked into place and sends a signal to a base station if it’s immersed in water.

  7. Infrared Motion Detectors
  8. Infrared motion detectors are some of the most sophisticated pool safety tools available today. These weatherproof devices are mounted near your pool and cover a range of approximately eight yards.

    They have sensors that detect both movement and heat, which means that they can only be activated by a human or animal, minimizing false alarms.

  9. Safety Cameras
  10. Installing cameras is another excellent way to prevent common safety emergencies. Cameras allow you to monitor your pool directly from a computer or mobile device. Some cameras have text or email alerts sent to you if an issue is detected.

Have an effective accident-prevention plan in place. Swimming pool owners have many options when it comes to safety tools. For an effective pool safety strategy, use a combination of low-tech items like fences and pool covers, alongside high-tech solutions like alarms and cameras. Incorporating these safety tools will give you peace of mind and keep your loved ones safe.


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