5 Small Pool Design Ideas

It’s almost that time again: pool season. The warm weather is on it’s way and the kids have been hounding you for a pool all winter. The only problem is, you don’t know if you have enough space to put a standard sized swimming pool in the backyard. Fear not. Below are 5 small pool design ideas that are smart on space and big on personality.

Small Pool Design

Concrete plunge pool. The circular concrete plunge pool is a great option for those short on yard space. It is minimalist, interesting looking and just as refreshing as any other pool.

Venetian pool. This is a fantastic pool idea for people who want to bring some Italian flare to their back yard. It sits flush against the house and leaves plenty of deck or patio space leftover for chairs, tables and other patio furniture. It is a unique design in that it gives off the illusion that your house is floating on water.

Mini lap pool. Standard lap pool length but not nearly as wide. This pool is a great idea for those who want both a place to cool down and an additional exercise option for their home.

The traditional mini pool. Just big enough to jump in and cool down, the box pool is a nice aesthetic touch which takes up very little space.

Plunge pool. Perfect for urban living, the plunge pool is versatile and can be situated virtually anywhere in your backyard. Want some waterworks on your back lawn but don’t have the space for a full size pool? When the weather is hot and cooling down is the goal, the plunge pool will get the job done with plenty of backyard space to spare.

Minimalism is in, and small pools are becoming much more widespread. Vinyl pools are becoming very popular for people who want to install a small swimming pool on their property because they are much more customizable than traditional fibreglass pools. Vinyl liners and concrete in-ground pools can be whatever shape and size you like, so many people are turning to custom, small pools that are more convenient and use space more efficiently, especially in urban areas.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a small pool is that free-form pools will end up saving you more space. The rigidity of rectangular pools means you get more water volume, but you end up using more deck or lawn space. If you are thinking about installing a small pool for your home, consider the above small pool designs. They might be just what you’re looking for.


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