Why Fiberglass Pools Aren't Worth The Investment

Swimming pools are something many homeowners long to purchase. The joy of having your very own recreation go-to definitely makes them a worthwhile investment. However, since the cost of a new pool can be quite expensive, you want to do enough research beforehand to ensure you aren’t wasting your money.

Fiberglass Pools Aren’t Worth The Investment

The team at Solda Pools is often asked what the difference is between conventional pools and their fiberglass counterparts, and whether we recommend the latter. The truth is, these pools are not all what they are cracked up to be.

While there are certainly many satisfied fiberglass model owners, these pools tend to present more issues and require more upkeep. Here is why we advise most homeowners to opt for a traditional type of pool.

The Flaws With Fiberglass Pools

Gel Coat Cracks – Fiberglass pools are notorious for developing spider cracks on their surface layer, so much so that many people just take it as a given of owning them. Although they typically do not cause any structural damage, they are definitely an eyesore that can disgruntle homeowners.

The cracks are due to excess pressure at particular points of contact where the gel layer is unable to expand and accommodate. Unfortunately, a majority of fiberglass pools are delivered this way straight out of the factory; the damage often occurs while the pool is in transit, but just as many have been attributed to installation and setup errors. The issue can be prevented, but it requires meticulous work that few owners are willing to perform.

Bulging walls – in most cases, this issue is often the result of improper backfill material, with sand being the main culprit. Even the slightest error during the installation process can result in abnormal bulges that can lead the pool to premature failure if not resolved. A pool needs to be structurally sound in order to function properly, and any abnormalities in the walls should be identified and fixed before they get worse.

Fading of finishes – the last thing you want is your pool’s finish becoming discolored within a couple seasons worth of use, but this is exactly what most fiberglass owners face every year. And once again, the problem is credited to those annoying gel coat layers.

In short, fiberglass pools are too fragile and require much more work than many homeowners want or should have to put up with. You deserve to enjoy your backyard escape and to not stress about setting off a string of problems caused by inherent design flaws.


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