How To Choose The Best Pool-Side Furniture

If you are putting in a new pool for the summer or you have a well-worn one that could use a pool-side furniture overhaul, it can be difficult trying to decide what looks good with the shape and aesthetic of your pool, as well as the general theme of your yard and house.

Pool-Side Furniture

It can be a daunting task for homeowners, but there are a few tips and tricks to ensuring that you choose the best look for your house. Follow the below 5 tips to select the best pool-side furniture possible and enjoy an amazing yard summer long.

It should be comfortable and durable. Cushions that are both comfortable and water resistant are a necessity. Most textiles which are designed for outdoor use are water resistant and repel moisture as well as are UV protected. This means that they will look and smell great for at least a couple of pool seasons. Check cushions for heavy-duty threading and uniform stitching.

Attention to detail. Carefully inspect your purchase before deciding to take it home. Patio sets can look attractive on the showroom floor, but once you get them home and out into the light of day, they may not be exactly what you were hoping for. It’s also a good idea to be sure that you are buying furniture whose frames are made of rust-resistant metal such as aluminum. Steel will rust; aluminum will not.

Don’t skimp on quality. It doesn’t make sense to buy a cheap set of pool-side furniture every year, only to have to replace it at the end of every season because the normal wear and tear that it can (and likely will) go through has destroyed it. Pool-side furniture has to stand up to the elements all summer, as well as some roughhousing.

Don’t mix and match. You want everything in your yard to follow and convey some sort of coherent theme. You wouldn’t buy indoor furniture that clashed horrendously with everything else inside, your outdoor furniture decisions should be made along those same guidelines.

Know what you’re in for when choosing materials. Different materials look better in different settings, and some materials look better than all other materials in all settings. Natural wood looks very attractive but requires regular maintenance. Steel and wrought-iron are extremely sturdy, but will rust if not properly weatherproofed. Aluminum, plastic and PVC are light, relatively inexpensive, will not rust and wash easy, but definitely don’t have the same aesthetic appeal of wrought-iron or wood.

Exterior designing the area around your pool should be fun! You should end up with a handful of tasteful, effectively placed pieces which augment the atmosphere around the pool and match the general theme of your yard and your home. If you are at a loss for how to go about doing that, pay attention to the above five recommendations and you will fast be on your way to a beautiful summer hangout.


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