Top Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Pool

If you have been putting off a pool renovation or replacement, you might be in denial that your pool’s best years are behind it. A pool renovation might be in your best interest since it’ll keep your family safe and increase the value of your property. Not sure you’re ready for a full pool renovation? Take a look at these signs that it might be time to give your pool the facelift that it deserves.

   Top Signs to Renovate Pool

Vinyl Pools

The main signs that a vinyl pool needs renovating are usually quite apparent. Here’s what to look for:

1. Deterioration

Years of exposure to the harmful rays of the sun and harsh pool chemicals really take their toll on a vinyl liner. You might begin to see cracks and tears in your pool liner, but deterioration is not always as obvious. It’s a good idea to inspect your pool regularly for cracking and tears, and tiny holes, however, damage can sometimes be harder to spot. With this in mind, we always advise people with older pools to monitor water levels to make sure you don’t have a leak.

2. Fading and discolouration

Although pool liners are designed to withstand exposure to sunlight and chemicals, you will still see some fading after several years. You may also see discolouration caused by algae problems and rust stains. Once you see severe discolouration, whether it is from fading from the sun or something else, it won’t be long before you start seeing other damage such as cracking. Discolouration is a sign of deterioration as the vinyl becomes brittle and is more prone to damage.

3. Bad fit

As a vinyl pool ages, it is not uncommon for the liner to slip from the top edge of the pool. Although this can often be put back into place, once it becomes too tight, you will not be able to adjust it. This is because with age vinyl liners also tend to shrink and lose elasticity. This means the liner bead won’t stay in its track. Not only does this look bad it can also lead to water getting behind the liner and corroding the steel walls.

4. Sinking water level

Although this is an obvious sign something is wrong with your pool, with vinyl you might be able to spot where the damage has occurred. Even a new liner can be punctured if the wrong item lands in the pool. If there is an obvious leak, it can often be repaired. However, allowing water levels to continue to drop will lead to far more serious issues, including washed-out backfill which provides the main support for your pool walls, as well as corrosion of the sand beneath the floor.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are very different from vinyl pools. You have to keep an eye out for different signs your pool needs renovating including:

1. Stains

As with a vinyl pool, there are many things that can stain the plaster walls of your pool. Minerals are the main culprit, particularly iron and copper. Although these stains can be cosmetic, you should at least find out what is causing them to avoid permanent damage.

2. Exposed Gunite

Concrete pools have walls that are made using Gunite or Shotcrete to provide support for the basin. This is covered with a waterproof plaster that provides a seamless, attractive coating while protecting the layers below. If the Gunite or Shotcrete becomes exposed, you will need to replaster.

3. Uncomfortable surfaces

While a vinyl liner will become loose and begin to crack, the concrete pool will have signs that are not only visible, but that can also be felt. As the plaster surface begins to wear away, you might detect a roughness when your feet touch the floor of the pool, or a prickly feeling if lean against the walls. You might even see damage to your swimsuits if they snag on the pocked surface. This corrosion is not only uncomfortable but can also be dangerous if someone slips in the pool and the roughened surface damages your skin. If you can’t feel the damage, you might see it as dirt gathers in the pits and cracks on the pool walls.

Universal Signs

Regardless of whether you have a vinyl or concrete pool, there are other tell-tale signs that will appear around the pool including:

1. Leaks

Noticeable leaks can appear anywhere surrounding the pool, including lawns and garden areas. If you have excess water you can’t account for, chances are you have a leak in your pool.

2. Equipment

Old pool equipment should be replaced as soon as possible. It not only looks bad but also is probably also costing you a fortune. Modern pool equipment can save you money in the long run as it will make your pool more energy efficient by performing the duties it needs to more effectively. You will also require fewer chemicals if you opt for a salt generator, and can even reduce maintenance with automatic pool cleaners.

3. Safety hazards

It’s no secret that electricity and water don’t mix. If you have faulty or old electrical features such as lighting in or around your pool, you could be in danger of electrocution. Broken tiles can also cause serious injuries and cuts. Any broken equipment can also be hazardous if small parts come loose and pose a choking hazard for small children.

4. Tired landscaping

You know you need a pool renovation when your landscaping is starting to look old. The landscaping for your pool completes your enjoyment of the pool. But you might not know that as your landscaping ages it can lead to drainage issues around the pool, which can get messy and expensive.

Pool renovations are well worth the investment to keep your property looking its best. For more information about renovating your pool, call Solda Pools at 905-796-6500 or contact us here.


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