5 Reasons to Sign Your Child Up for Swimming Lessons Right Now

Whether or not you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it’s important that your children learn how to swim. From keeping them safe to keeping them active, being able to swim is a great skill to have. Need more convincing? Here are some reasons why your children should get swimming lessons as soon as possible.

Reasons To Sign Your Child Up For Swimming Lessons

  1. It’s critical for their safety Drowning is the second highest primary reason for unintentional injury-related deaths with children aged 1-14, according to the Campaign for National Safe Kids. It’s absolutely essential that every child learns to swim early on in their lives.

    There’s water everywhere you look, even just as little as a bathtub. Ensuring that your child is safe swimming and near water is necessary for their safety and confidence. Even if your child doesn’t want to go into competitive swimming, making sure they know proper swimming technique is great to do early on. Any interest in the sport is just another advantage!

  2. It’s a low-impact sportSwimming is low-impact because it’s done in water. The human body is 90% buoyant in water up to the neck according to Bucknell University, so you won’t be hitting the ground with weight like you do on land.

    If you do injure yourself swimming it’s easy to continue to use the parts that don’t hurt in the water. The most typical swimming injuries come from overuse, pointing to the fact that swimming is a usually very light on the body compared to critical injuries like sprains or broken bones from impact sports.

  3. It will teach them to be goal-orientedWhen you enroll your child in swimming lessons, they’ll likely attend classes with other kids that are at the same level in terms of skill. Most swimming programs have different levels that your child will have to work towards. In order to graduate from one level to the next, they’ll have to meet certain requirements; most of the time, this includes mastering a basic swimming skill like the backstroke.

    When your child knows that they have a goal to meet in order to advance to the next swimming level, they’ll be more motivated to master the techniques they’re being taught. With their current and upcoming goals in mind, your child will acquire self-motivation and determination skills, which is something they’ll be able to carry into adulthood and apply to almost anything they do.

  4. They will learn time management skills Time management is one of the most valued skills that children will be able to carry into adulthood. When they’re enrolled in swimming lessons they’ll have to learn how to budget their time accordingly in order to balance their school work and extracurricular activities.

    When kids are still young and in school, they may be attending lessons multiple times a week while doing homework for their classes, so their free time can be limited during the week. They may also have lessons or choose to practice during the weekend.

    Kids will learn how to manage their time in the most efficient way possible, and this is a skill that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

  5. Swimming is a great exercise Swimming entails using various muscles in a high-intensity manner for long periods of time. Each of the four types of strokes involves employing complementary muscle groupings. Sometimes, children or adults begin swimming for the weight loss benefits. It burns calories fast and is more accessible for overweight people to start as it’s low-impact.

    Swimming provides 12-14% more resistance training than other dry workouts, according to Bucknell, allowing for an amazingly challenging workout. Besides the weight loss aspects, letting your kid pick up swimming before they grow up will encourage a more healthy lifestyle. As your child learns the most efficient ways to swim, they can jump in the water at any time in their life without risks for nice exercise.

    Swimming can aid in chronic ailments and mental health according to the Centre for Disease Control. Water-based exercise such as swimming boosts the use of joints afflicted with things like arthritis.

    The CDC also mentions that exercising in water serves to reduce disabilities while supporting the longevity and health of adults. Because swimming is a low-impact activity, it’s a safe and easy alternative for seniors.

    Swimming feels great on the body’s joints and can improve one’s mood. It’s imperative that every child learns how to swim, particularly for water safety.

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