7 Health Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is a popular summer activity for children and adults. It’s a great way for you to get a healthy dose of exercise while having fun with family and friends.

Swimming’s Health Benefits

There are plenty of health benefits that most people don’t consider. The following are seven health benefits of swimming that should keep you motivated to make the most out of your swimming pool.

  1. Swimming Is A Great Alternative To Other Types of Exercise
  2. Not everyone enjoys going to the gym or running outdoors. Regular exercise can seem like a chore for a large number of people.

    Swimming is a fun way to get your exercise in while staying cool. It increases the heart rate and activates muscles while minimizing stress on the joints.

  3. Swimming Burns Calories
  4. Swimming makes it easy to burn calories. Its caloric expenditure can also exceed that which occurs from running and other activities.

    You can use different swimming techniques like the breast, back, or butterfly strokes to vary the intensity of the activity and the number of calories burned.

  5. Swimming Improves Flexibility
  6. Joint flexibility is essential to good health. Swimming requires you to have adequate shoulder range of motion and overall flexibility. The movements used while swimming are varied, which support flexibility in multiple planes of motion.

  7. Swimming Strengthens Muscles
  8. Water resistance causes your muscles to work harder, which increases your total body strength.

    In addition, more muscles are used while swimming when compared to running, cycling, and other activities. This makes swimming a workout that improves lower body, core, and upper body strength.

  9. Swimming Improves Bone Density
  10. The same resistance that improves muscle strength also increases bone density. Studies have shown benefits in bone mass from swimming.

    This is especially important for older adults who are at risk for osteoporosis and other issues related to the loss of bone density over time.

  11. Swimming Reduces Body Fat
  12. As mentioned, swimming burns calories and stimulates muscles. These factors lead to a reduction of excess body fat.

    Also, for individuals who are overweight or obese, traditional exercise can cause additional stress to the joints. Swimming reduces joint impact and makes it easy to improve your body composition.

  13. Swimming Helps You Manage Stress
  14. Exercise is a valuable tool in managing stress. Swimming lets you use pent up energy that might otherwise lead to increased muscle and mental tension.

    Many people also report a calming effect when they are in or around water. Your pool can be a sanctuary from life’s daily stressors while improving your health.

These are seven health benefits of swimming that you should be aware of. Making swimming a habit or investing in a swimming pool for your home is a great way to achieve these and other benefits that enhance you and your family’s well being.


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