Mimi and John, North York, 2013

Our forty year old pool badly needed renovating and upgrading. SOLDA Pools had built a new pool for our daughter a few years ago. Since she found SOLDA easy to work with, she strongly advised us to ask SOLDA to repair and renovate our pool.

Frank Solda came and inspected our pool.  After we told him what we wanted to accomplish, he made suggestions and gave us an anticipated cost and schedule.  We were happy that the work could be started and completed in the fall.

Our renovation and construction was a major job.  We wanted the pool to retain its original appearance, which required some creative work by SOLDA in repairing some coping pieces which are no longer available and considerable time examining multiple samples of marbelite to decide on the exact amount of crystals to be added. Nick Solda spent much time and return visits with Mimi to get this just right.  Nick provided us with three samples of the color for the marbelite, a service we greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU NICK!!!

After finishing the work on the pool, SOLDA built us a much needed pool house which is an added attraction to our backyard. SOLDA completed our work on schedule and on budget. When the pool renovation was completed, everything looked just as we wanted.

We found SOLDA very easy to work with…we thank NICK AND FRANK and SOLDA for the fine attention to achieve what we wanted.


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