1992, David and Maria, Bramalea

Now that the dust has settled, we would like to “formally” thank you, your two brothers and the rest of your team for the excellent job that you did on our pool and driveway.

As you know only too well, we had begun to think that the pool would never get finished, what with the weather, the city and our house builder. Despite all the problems we did manage to get three weeks swimming in and enjoyed every minute. Just as you promised, the patterned concrete deck is wonderful and all our friends comment on the unique treatment given to the steps outside the two patio doors. All this luxury and no grass to cut!

Despite the fact that we went way over budget, the decision to have the driveway done in the same material as the pool deck was definitely the right one and your creative design made the project worth every penny. We’re looking forward eagerly to the spring when we can get to enjoy the pool and have friends and family over to share in the fun. It’s rather ironic really, we bought a smaller house and yet the pool, walkway along the side of the house and the driveway make it seem like millionaires now!!

Thank you once again for the wonderful job and please feel free to have prospective customers visit our pool. We will be only too pleased to show it off.


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