Michael & Joanna, Oakville, 2014

When we first decided on converting our backyard to include a pool, we knew it would be a big project.  We wanted to ensure we selected a company that was not only in-tune with our requirements but one that would understand and make suggestions to improve some of the existing ideas we had in mind.  We spent months reviewing and meeting with several pool companies before we landed on Solda Pools.  Our deciding factor were the great reviews and a strong reference from our friends who had also used Solda and were very impressed with their service and professionalism.  I would have to agree, Solda was always available and wanting to ensure everything was perfect and too our liking.  At any point during the construction process, I could pick up the phone and there would always be someone to answer my call, not just an answering machine.  And within an hour a Solda family member would call me back to personally answer any questions that I had.  At each stage of the construction process there was a Solda family member involved and overlooking the work being done.  In fact, the moment I knew I had chosen the right company to do our backyard was when I wanted a larger shade structure than the one on the drawing after the holes had already been dug and mapped out.  Instead of trying to convince me otherwise, Peter and his crew spent 1/2 a day digging new holes for the posts 1ft wider.  I don’t think any other pool company would have gone through the lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additionally, I was extremely impressed with Mike and his carpentry.  The amazing work and suggestions they made for our shade structure and cabana to include all the things we wanted was incredible and he truly took the time to make it perfect. It is a wonderful place to sit, watch TV and relax, it is a piece of art and we love it.  Another member of the crew we were impressed with was Chris who was responsible for sealing our front/back patterned concrete.  We had neighbours commenting on never seeing someone work so hard to ensure the job was done correctly and thoroughly.

Overall the final result is an oasis of a backyard.  We’ve had friends come over and call our backyard a resort.  We have two young kids so this investment with Solda was worth every penny in creating a stay-cation which we absolutely love and will enjoy for many years to come.  We thank Solda for making the construction process a smooth and seamless one for us.  They really took the time to make our backyard unique to us and would recommend them to anyone looking to create their own backyard dream.


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