Nancy, Andy & Joe, Toronto, 2010

Hi Frank, John & Peter,

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful pool and landscaping work that you built for us in 2010. We were impressed by how carefully you planned and undertook each phase of what became a large component of our renovation. You always responded promptly to any concerns we had and in fact, John came out at 9pm one evening to inspect some flagstone we inadvertently loosened. We learned that you sincerely care about the quality of what you build and that you want your customers to be happy. In so doing, you have very happy customers!

We are very grateful to Peter for taking an entire day to calculate the grading of our property, and to help think through the best solution to our back yard steps at a below grade door. His design of flagstone steps look fantastic and have helped integrate the old part of our home to the new. It is a vast improvement over the original design. He graded the level of our garage floor, even though that was not part of his contract, as a favour.

Upon the initial running of our filtration system, we noticed the pump seemed a bit noisy. Frank responded immediately and brought the company rep to our pump, who was able to fine tune the equipment to a negligible level.

The tile and stonework were installed by skilled craftsmen who took a lot of pride in their work.
The value of using the Solda Brothers is that they took the viewpoint, what would I want done if it was my house. We would definitely recommend Solda Pools for their pool and landscaping work!



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