Onorio & Aurora, Toronto, 2010

Dear Frank, Peter & John,

When we decided to install a pool, we knew that it was not going to be a simple venture. It was going to be a HUGE job!! After all, our ravine lot has 3 uneven levels, there were trees, and we had a sunroom to demolish.

We researched pool companies and it was clear that Solda Pools was considered the best. But of course, we called a few other companies for estimates. At different times, representatives came, saw our yard, said they would get back to us  and were never heard from again. It became evident that most companies wanted a simple installation of a pool, with no headaches.

When we met with Solda Pools, Frank came and surveyed our yard. He shook his head and told us it was a huge job. Instead of leaving like the others before him, he sat down with us and explained the process. He recommended materials, suggested landscaping ideas, and gave us an estimate. We immediately realized why Solda Pools was considered the best in the pool business. We felt that we were in great hands!!

Peter, John, and their construction crews, with a special mention to Craig and Alex were amazing skilled, professional, courteous workers who always showed up on time every day.
Our ugly backyard was transformed into a beautiful paradise. We could not be happier with the end result. In fact, Solda Pools was awarded Bronze in Technical Achievement by The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada. Congratulations!!!

With sincere thanks and appreciation,


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