Scott and Patsy, Tillsonburg, 2014

When I saw an award winning pool project that Solda Pools had created, I knew that we had to talk with them about building our back yard pool.  Right from our initial visit with Frank, he made us feel comfortable with the process and had great ideas on how to accomplish what we were looking for.  Frank and Matt took the necessary time with us to go over all of the plans, layouts and options to let us know exactly what we were in for.

We were very excited to get the project going and thrilled when the Solda crew came in weeks ahead of schedule to start.  With each step, we saw the Solda team’s commitment to quality and excellent craftsmanship.  Right from the preparation of the job site to the cleaning up at the end of the day, we knew that these guys were the professionals.  It was easy to see that things were going to turn out beautifully.  The Solda crew did a great job of keeping us informed as to what was happening and we could tell that these guys were the best and knew exactly what they were doing.  They adjusted their crews to meet our family’s needs and we were able to enjoy our new pool for almost the entire season.  The results were beautiful.

If you have a busy schedule and want the best to take care of it all, I would highly recommend Solda Pools.


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