Stephen Kelly, Hillsburg, 2013

Solda Pools ReviewsTo whom it may concern.


My name is Stephen Kelly. I am the current President and owner of Stephen Kelly & Associates Inc.  a  large technology consulting company in the GTA.

My wife & I were looking to install a nice in ground  pool,  in ground spa hot tub and build out a couple of cabana’s along with cement stamped colored  concrete deck and patio in the backyard  in our new home. We are both very detailed oriented and spent two months researching and speaking to pool builders asking many questions. What we found was everyone was telling us the same thing  including  even  Pioneer pools that Solda Pools is the very best. Even my brother who has been in the pool business 15 years agreed  Solda Pools are the very best thus we engage Solda Pools directly with further questions and asked to meet with them.


Phase One:


Frank Solda came out to our home and spent many hours with us to gain insight  in to what we were looking for and was very insightful in helping us with great ideas at no cost to us. Frank then came back to our home with a detailed draft of architecture designs, locations of the pool, hot tub and cabana’s, decking  and really took his time explaining everything to us but also said we can make any changes we want – anytime – even on the fly when the build phase commences. Frank then had a  team come up and draw the design  patterns with paint actually in the backyard to even give us further insight to what it might look like, sizes of everything, layout  and provided us with very detailed pricing for us to think about. This was an absolutely great experience for us being first time buyers of a pool/spa ect…. We felt very comfortable with Frank and at no time felt pressured to sign anything or commit. After careful thought and consideration we agreed to partner with Solda Pools.


Phase Two:


The build stage commenced –  Peter Solda was great at getting all the permits , working with the city to do so – nothing we needed to do. When the build commenced it didn’t take long for my wife and I to realize we hired the right company and having Peter Solda on-site each day was absolutely fantastic – no one knows pools/spa’s and cement like Peter Solda – just an absolute expert. It was awesome to watch – some days there was as many as 27 full – time  Solda Pools staff on site and they showed up everyday just the team size varied as the projects moved forward depending on what was next in the build phases. My wife and I got to know a lot of Solda Pools staff. The workers on site are a pleasant surprise, most had been with Solda Pools greater than 20 years as full-time employees and even some with 27/28 years and experts in their craft. My wife and I did make changes on the fly in terms of deck size and layout  to increase deck size and design &  had Solda Pools plug in beautiful flower beds around the pool area  that we would populate at a later date. The phase two build experience was equal to or greater than even our phase one experience. My wife and I were so pleased with Solda Pools as it was all stress free for us and we just had to watch and enjoy and have fun. The guys were really great in every area. Solda Pools had the project complete end to end build phase done in less than 3 months and this was a big project. – thus having everything ready for my family  & I to just enjoy. They also provided a one on one education day with us face to face in home on how all the hardware works in the Cabana and spent as much time as we needed to familiarize ourselves with the pool/spa/heater controls. We then opted to go with their hand held wireless remote feature that manages everything as it relates to the pool spa  hardware , heating  lighting , ect .. end to end at the simply press of a button thus did not need to deep dive learn how all the hardware works as the remote does it all.


Phase Three:


We were so impressed with Solda Pools that we didn’t want anyone else but Solda Pools to service the pool . We engage John Solda and Will Burns. Wow just when we thought we seen it all – The service crew is absolutely fantastic, extremely  knowledgeable and know everything and more about the pools & spa’s  and all the hardware and plumbing. The guys come out every Friday to our home to service the pool /spa and have never missed a cleaning, they are so dependable! They repair any cracked pipes at no charge or any smaller issues you may experience at no charge – they are just that good and the customer service they bring is absolutely great. The guys are very friendly and helpful in all of your needs. The service experience has been fantastic and no one but Solda ever touches my pool and Spa. The service team just goes the extra mile always is what we find and we are so pleased with them. They also provide special cleaning services for your big pool party events which we also take advantage of as we run a large family pool party of 30 guests each year and Solda comes up in the early morning to make sure the pool/spa is crystal clear and ready to go for your big event and gone much before any guests show up. – Really great !!! There’s just no words to descried just how good these guy really are.


Phase Four – Final Phase which was completely optional.


Again we were so impressed with Solda that we then engaged Solda landscaping and horticultural experts to landscape the front of our home and to complete all landscaping in the backyard. What a great experience this was. Sounds odd to have a pool company landscape your home. These guys were fantastic providing architectural designs and consulting along with all associated pricing. We commenced the landscaping phase and it was done to perfection. The reality is our home is the nicest on the street and everyone stops in the community asking us who did the fantastic landscaping and installed all the big trees and shrub/flower gardens. We are so proud, my wife and I.


Final comments:  The difference –  Solda is a full turnkey end to end company employing 100 full-time  long standing staff  of experts. Solda does every phase with all their own  full time staff never outsourcing or giving any phase to a third party business  we learned before initially engaging and are the only full turnkey pool/spa provider – Solda does it all end to end.  The other pool companies farm out phases of the build to inexperienced third parties- they will all tell you they don’t but when the build phase happens you will see then all the problems you will face with each company blaming the issues on the other company. My neighbour is a perfect example of that trying to save money  going with another brand name pool company and ended up with so many problems an no real on-going warranty.


The reality is you get what you pay for: Solda Pools while not cheap are the very best in everything they do and if you’re looking for the highest level of quality and service in every phase and have a product that will last years and years Solda Pools is the only company to engage. My wife and I highly recommend Solda as they exceeded our expectations in every phase of the above and are the most honest people to partner with – simply no surprises and the craftsmanship and quality far surpasses any other pool company in operation today serving the GTA and surrounding areas including the country side homes. Simply put – Solda pools is the very best !!!


For further information please feel free to reach out to me directly @ 416-498-0404. I would be happy to share my Solda experience with you as not many times do you get a good honest company like Solda that puts out the highest level of quality in every phase and for me that’s deserves recognition.




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