How Much More Expensive is an Indoor Pool?

Having a pool is a valuable addition to any home, as it enhances the aesthetic value of the property, increases value and creates an enjoyable activity for the whole family to take part in. And while the majority of homeowners think outdoor pool, having an indoor pool may be even more enjoyable. Of course, there are several different factors to consider, including the price.

Indoor Pool

Benefits of an Indoor Pool

For most people, the benefits of an indoor pool over an outdoor pool are probably pretty obvious, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere. For many outdoor pool owners, they are lucky to squeeze in a 90-day swimming season, but with an indoor pool you can get in there every day of the year. The fact that weather becomes irrelevant is the main reason that people consider an indoor pool.

Extras to Consider

Of course, an indoor pool requires a lot of extra consideration during the building process when it comes to humidity levels and moisture. These elements can add significantly to the price of the pool, because it is imperative that you keep humidity levels constant and evaporation to a minimum.

Consideration must also be given to prevent moisture from getting behind the walls of the actual structure. If the right balance isn’t found, mold will grow and you may get structural damage during freezing and thawing. The equipment required to keep moisture and humidity in check will take up space and will add a lot to the overall price of the pool.

Optimum Time to Build

To keep indoor pool prices as low as they can possibly be, installing an indoor pool during construction of a new home is the best time to get it done. This way, there are no major renovations required and you can plan according to the available space you have. That’s not to say adding an indoor pool to an existing home is impossible, just more challenging and more expensive.

The Consultation Is Key

Saying an indoor pool is quite a bit more expensive than an outdoor pool is true, but it’s also vague. This is why you should schedule a consultation, to get the exact numbers and not be scared away by reading stories on the internet.

Try to come up with a budget before you speak to someone, and look for other money-saving tips like installation packages and standard installation rather than custom designs. If the numbers just don’t make sense with your budget, consider a heated outdoor pool instead.


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