Indoor Pools

Swimming Pool Design & Construction Toronto

Indoor pools are a very aesthetically pleasing addition to any home or business. They offer particular advantages over other types of pools, including the fact that they can be enjoyed all-year round. This is particularly valuable for homeowners because the cardiovascular benefits that come with swimming can be reaped 365 days a year. In fact, numerous studies have revealed the multitude of ways that swimming can improve health, including increased muscle tone, bone strength, a healthier heart and improved cholesterol levels, to name only a few. Swimming has also been shown to reduce stress levels through the endorphins that are released when swimming.

Indoor swimming pools offer a number of other benefits as well. They are generally easier to maintain because they are not prone to collect leaves, sticks, branches or bugs. In this way, indoor pools are also less likely to suffer damage due to the elements and can be very long-lasting. Moreover, indoor pools are very aesthetically pleasing design options and instantly increase the value of a home or business. In fact, many residential and commercial spaces can benefit from the addition of an indoor pool, including:

  • Apartments and Condos. The value of these buildings increases with the addition of an indoor pool. Not only does it create an extremely attractive space but residents can also enjoy swimming all year round.
  • Hotels & Spas. The value of both of these commercial businesses immediately increases with an indoor pool – they are a major source of attraction and are aesthetically beautiful. An indoor hotel pool, in particular, allows guests to enjoy the facilities all-year-round.
  • Swim Schools. Swim schools can particularly benefit from indoor pools in that they allow these businesses to run all year long. In short, indoor pools lead to great financial benefits.

The award-winning and industry leader, Solda Pools, with over thirty years in the business, designs and installs in-ground pools that meet homeowners’ and business owners’ unique aesthetic tastes, as well as their shape and size requirements while keeping functionality in mind. The use of high-quality materials and equipment, as well as Solda Pools’ professional team of expert electricians, plumbers, gas-fitters, and construction crew results in an unparalleled finished product that is entirely unique. Solda Pools offers a number of services, including:

  • Custom Designed Pools and Spas. From natural ponds to large pools in either gunite concrete or gunite vinyl, Solda Pools expertly designs and installs pools and spas of any size. You can further customize your pool experience with certain features, including pool lights, custom steps and benches, vanishing or negative edges, spa overflows, waterfalls, deck-jets, spouts, grottos and in-wall steps.
  • Outdoor Living Installation. Solda Pools offers additional luxury options to make your space even more attractive and relaxing, including cabanas, water features and pool-side bars.
  • Landscape Design Services. Solda Pools also designs the area around your pool with the help of our expert horticulturalists and landscaping experts. Some of the features that can be added to your backyard include: flagstone, concrete and interlock patios, decorative planting and rockery, decks, outdoor kitchens and BBQs, fire pits and fireplaces.
  • Pool Repair and Maintenance Services. On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, Solda Pools wants to help you to keep your pool in the best condition. This includes on site water testing analysis, opening and closing services, vacuuming, treating and balancing water. We also offer repair services, including leak detection and replacement liners.

Our team of expert professionals at Solda Pools will work with you every step of the way to design a custom-made pool or spa that is perfect for your home or business. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that you can expect the project to be completed swiftly and without any delays.


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