5 Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard

The beauty of your home is defined by how well the interior matches the exterior in design and style. While many households focus on creating a beautiful and inviting interior ambiance, investing in professional landscape design services can help to give your home a complete look.

Top Trends In Backyard Landscaping

Whether you have a small or a spacious backyard, there are plenty of things to do to amp up your outdoor space and give it a unique flare. Of course, this includes taking care of the plants and flowers, but you must take a holistic approach to your landscaping by considering other elements such as the deck, patio, fence, garden, water features, shed, and everything else.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Use the right combination of plants: flowers, shrubs, and trees

There’s an abundance of flowers you can use to beautify your backyard, from the low-maintenance lilies to the lovely, rambling vines that wind around columns and fences. Use a mixture of annuals and perennials to keep the yard awash with colour year round. You may also want to include some deer-averse perennials like purple cornflower, globe thistle, or butterfly weed to keep deer away from your garden.

Add height to the yard

Trees, shrubs, and blooming flowers make great impact across your yard. For instance, you can plant the Chinese Snowball Bush or hanging baskets and elevated planters to introduce eye-catching layers.

Build a mini storage shed

If you don’t already have a shed to store your garden supplies, fertilizers, and seasonal tools and equipment, consider building one of the right size. Use readily available materials to keep your costs down. For instance, you can build the walls using repurposed old doors and windows.

Include a water feature

If you have a spacious yard, consider adding a water feature such as a pond, fountain, or even a pool. This largely depends on the size of your landscaping budget and availability of water.

Consider hardscaping

If you don’t want to spend a lot of your time tending the garden, consider adding some hardscaping for visual interest. Slate tiles, gravel, and other hard ground covers require minimal maintenance and help to keep your yard looking clean. Use these materials to create pathways connecting your home to the shed, water feature, and lounge, or other sections of your yard.

Final Note

It is important that you get landscape design services for the best results. A professional will help you choose the best plants, flowers, and shrubs for your climate, size of yard, and design plans, and also decide what greenery can be replaced with different hardscapes.


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