Solda Pools ReviewsTo whom it may concern.


My name is Stephen Kelly. I am the current President and owner of Stephen Kelly & Associates Inc.  a  large technology consulting company in the GTA.

My wife & I were looking to install a nice in ground  pool,  in ground spa hot tub and build out a couple of cabana’s along with cement stamped colored  concrete deck and patio in the backyard  in our new home. We are both very detailed oriented and spent two months researching and speaking to pool builders asking many questions. What we found was everyone was telling us the same thing  including  even  Pioneer pools that Solda Pools is the very best. Even my brother who has been in the pool business 15 years agreed  Solda Pools are the very best thus we engage Solda Pools directly with further questions and asked to meet with them.


Phase One:


Frank Solda came out to our home and spent many hours with us to gain insight  in to what we were looking for and was very insightful in helping us with great ideas at no cost to us. Frank then came back to our home with a detailed draft of architecture designs, locations of the pool, hot tub and cabana’s, decking  and really took his time explaining everything to us but also said we can make any changes we want – anytime – even on the fly when the build phase commences. Frank then had a  team come up and draw the design  patterns with paint actually in the backyard to even give us further insight to what it might look like, sizes of everything, layout  and provided us with very detailed pricing for us to think about. This was an absolutely great experience for us being first time buyers of a pool/spa ect…. We felt very comfortable with Frank and at no time felt pressured to sign anything or commit. After careful thought and consideration we agreed to partner with Solda Pools.


Phase Two:


The build stage commenced –  Peter Solda was great at getting all the permits , working with the city to do so – nothing we needed to do. When the build commenced it didn’t take long for my wife and I to realize we hired the right company and having Peter Solda on-site each day was absolutely fantastic – no one knows pools/spa’s and cement like Peter Solda – just an absolute expert. It was awesome to watch – some days there was as many as 27 full – time  Solda Pools staff on site and they showed up everyday just the team size varied as the projects moved forward depending on what was next in the build phases. My wife and I got to know a lot of Solda Pools staff. The workers on site are a pleasant surprise, most had been with Solda Pools greater than 20 years as full-time employees and even some with 27/28 years and experts in their craft. My wife and I did make changes on the fly in terms of deck size and layout  to increase deck size and design &  had Solda Pools plug in beautiful flower beds around the pool area  that we would populate at a later date. The phase two build experience was equal to or greater than even our phase one experience. My wife and I were so pleased with Solda Pools as it was all stress free for us and we just had to watch and enjoy and have fun. The guys were really great in every area. Solda Pools had the project complete end to end build phase done in less than 3 months and this was a big project. – thus having everything ready for my family  & I to just enjoy. They also provided a one on one education day with us face to face in home on how all the hardware works in the Cabana and spent as much time as we needed to familiarize ourselves with the pool/spa/heater controls. We then opted to go with their hand held wireless remote feature that manages everything as it relates to the pool spa  hardware , heating  lighting , ect .. end to end at the simply press of a button thus did not need to deep dive learn how all the hardware works as the remote does it all.


Phase Three:


We were so impressed with Solda Pools that we didn’t want anyone else but Solda Pools to service the pool . We engage John Solda and Will Burns. Wow just when we thought we seen it all – The service crew is absolutely fantastic, extremely  knowledgeable and know everything and more about the pools & spa’s  and all the hardware and plumbing. The guys come out every Friday to our home to service the pool /spa and have never missed a cleaning, they are so dependable! They repair any cracked pipes at no charge or any smaller issues you may experience at no charge – they are just that good and the customer service they bring is absolutely great. The guys are very friendly and helpful in all of your needs. The service experience has been fantastic and no one but Solda ever touches my pool and Spa. The service team just goes the extra mile always is what we find and we are so pleased with them. They also provide special cleaning services for your big pool party events which we also take advantage of as we run a large family pool party of 30 guests each year and Solda comes up in the early morning to make sure the pool/spa is crystal clear and ready to go for your big event and gone much before any guests show up. – Really great !!! There’s just no words to descried just how good these guy really are.


Phase Four – Final Phase which was completely optional.


Again we were so impressed with Solda that we then engaged Solda landscaping and horticultural experts to landscape the front of our home and to complete all landscaping in the backyard. What a great experience this was. Sounds odd to have a pool company landscape your home. These guys were fantastic providing architectural designs and consulting along with all associated pricing. We commenced the landscaping phase and it was done to perfection. The reality is our home is the nicest on the street and everyone stops in the community asking us who did the fantastic landscaping and installed all the big trees and shrub/flower gardens. We are so proud, my wife and I.


Final comments:  The difference –  Solda is a full turnkey end to end company employing 100 full-time  long standing staff  of experts. Solda does every phase with all their own  full time staff never outsourcing or giving any phase to a third party business  we learned before initially engaging and are the only full turnkey pool/spa provider – Solda does it all end to end.  The other pool companies farm out phases of the build to inexperienced third parties- they will all tell you they don’t but when the build phase happens you will see then all the problems you will face with each company blaming the issues on the other company. My neighbour is a perfect example of that trying to save money  going with another brand name pool company and ended up with so many problems an no real on-going warranty.


The reality is you get what you pay for: Solda Pools while not cheap are the very best in everything they do and if you’re looking for the highest level of quality and service in every phase and have a product that will last years and years Solda Pools is the only company to engage. My wife and I highly recommend Solda as they exceeded our expectations in every phase of the above and are the most honest people to partner with – simply no surprises and the craftsmanship and quality far surpasses any other pool company in operation today serving the GTA and surrounding areas including the country side homes. Simply put – Solda pools is the very best !!!


For further information please feel free to reach out to me directly @ 416-498-0404. I would be happy to share my Solda experience with you as not many times do you get a good honest company like Solda that puts out the highest level of quality in every phase and for me that’s deserves recognition.



Stephen Kelly, Hillsburg, 2013

I would like to provide the very highest referral for Will Burns — Service Manager at Solda Pools. Will has always provided the highest level of customer service and clearly takes on personal responsibility to make customers happy.

Will has a clear understanding of all aspects of providing excellence in customer service — from responding to inquiries, to his expertise in quickly and efficiently resolving issues and also in following up and making every customer involved be very comfortable and pleased with the result.

I am happy to act as a reference for Will and can speak to his customer service skills, work ethic, expertise and professionalism.

Karen, Toronto, 2014

When I saw an award winning pool project that Solda Pools had created, I knew that we had to talk with them about building our back yard pool.  Right from our initial visit with Frank, he made us feel comfortable with the process and had great ideas on how to accomplish what we were looking for.  Frank and Matt took the necessary time with us to go over all of the plans, layouts and options to let us know exactly what we were in for.

We were very excited to get the project going and thrilled when the Solda crew came in weeks ahead of schedule to start.  With each step, we saw the Solda team’s commitment to quality and excellent craftsmanship.  Right from the preparation of the job site to the cleaning up at the end of the day, we knew that these guys were the professionals.  It was easy to see that things were going to turn out beautifully.  The Solda crew did a great job of keeping us informed as to what was happening and we could tell that these guys were the best and knew exactly what they were doing.  They adjusted their crews to meet our family’s needs and we were able to enjoy our new pool for almost the entire season.  The results were beautiful.

If you have a busy schedule and want the best to take care of it all, I would highly recommend Solda Pools.

Scott and Patsy, Tillsonburg, 2014

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my family, to thank Solda Pools for the excellent service we have received over the years.

You are to be commended on both your service and personnel – especially Mr. Will Burns, who has worked with us for a number in years, ensuring our pool is maintained at the highest quality standard.

Thank you again for all you have done over these years for us as being a long standing customer of Solda Pools. You have shown excellent service from the consultation stage, design stage and the ongoing maintenance.

Your professional courtesy, expediency and the quality of your company is somewhat rare today in a world that sometimes forgets the human side of a business relationship.

Thank you so much!

Cindie, Mississauga, 2014

Dear Frank, Andrew and the rest of the amazing Solda team,

We would like thank you for the incredible work you put into making our backyard a lifestyle game changer for our family. When we were looking to put in a pool and accompanying backyard landscaping; we were referred to Solda by friends and have been thrilled with the results. The Solda team demonstrated a high level of professional service through to completion and made the entire project as seamless as possible.

You guys had your hands full with our property which was complex and required extensive regrading before becoming our backyard oasis that it is today – but it was business as usual for Solda. Your amazing ideas and resulting designs put our full backyard space to great use. We get compliments from friends and family on our pool and backyard all the time – they are amazed at the transformation. So are we!!

We were very impressed with the high level of service displayed by the entire Solda team. Frank and the design team did a great job early on leading us through the project planning. Andrew kept us well informed on the project’s progress. My neighbors noted how respectful the Solda workers were of their properties and in dealing with any concerns my neighbors had while the construction was ongoing. The Solda team demonstrated a pride in the quality of their work and always left the job site as clean and secure as possible.

If our comments here help someone else make the wise decision we did then we will have repaid the debt we owe to our friends for that Solda referral in the first place! It would be my pleasure to speak to anyone who is considering hiring your company for a project – my suggestion….book early!

Our backyard has become the focal point for our family this past spring/summer and we look forward to many more years of enjoying it thanks to Solda.


Adina and Morley, 2014

Throughout the 2 months of construction of my concrete pool, we met different tradesmen from Solda Pools and we were impressed by how professional and knowledgeable they all were. The entire crew was meticulous and hard working. The company is well established, reputable and that’s the peace of mind we wanted. We love the pool and the patio Solda built, the quality and workmanship were beyond our expectations. Thank you Solda Pools and Nick, for transforming our backyard into a wonderful summer getaway!

Fung, Markham, 2014

We couldn’t be happier with how our backyard turned out. We used Solda for everything (pool, cabana, concrete deck, fencing and gardens). Everything was delivered exactly as promised and on time, but more importantly in budget!  The service was outstanding and I would highly recommend Solda Pools.

Chris & Melissa, Etobicoke, 2015

Many thanks for providing us with our beautiful pool and backyard!

We have only positive things to say about both your company and your staff and the results achieved by both. A great decision to choose Solda!

Deciding on a major build is no easy task but right from the beginning, the Solda brothers offered everything we needed for the job to be done efficiently, smoothly, and most importantly, to our liking.  Along the way, we experienced only very minor bumps and these were resolved swiftly and with great respect for our property as well as the property of our neighbours; a concern that always came first with Solda and remains much appreciated.

A variety of teams arrived in our yard over time (always the same guys on a particular team/job; no subcontracting) and we marvelled at how proficient, professional, and tidy they all were. Even when work with large digging equipment was involved, our yard was left as tidy as it could be. These guys were amazing.

Today, we have a gorgeous pool and a revamped backyard.  Our pool has provided daily joy for all of us and every family event has become that much more special!  And simply lounging in the yard has become an event once again.  What a joy to relax beside pristine waters or take advantage of our water features.  But as well as being the very happy owners of a Solda pool, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that our pool has provided months of  the best physical therapy we could have ever imagined; a huge bonus (along with a wish that we could swim all year round…any ideas Nick???)

A special thanks to our project supervisor, Nick Solda. His knowledge and enthusiasm not to mention his patience continue to be a great help to us.  Frank, Peter, and John all deserve thanks as well for getting the ball rolling, providing structure to this vague idea of ours, for putting out fires, and dealing with the unexpected uniqueness of our house and backyard.

Our pool was completed in late November and Solda prepared it for winter. Of course, no one anticipated the brute of a season we would experience with loss of power for days along with freezing temperatures. I must admit my faith did begin to waver as I could not imagine anything surviving such extremes. But whatever they did, they did it well because when the ice melted and Solda was finally able to open the pool everything worked well and has been a joy since.

We would not hesitate to recommend Solda to anyone considering the addition of a pool.

Bruno, Jane and Family, Etobicoke, 2015

One of the best renovation experiences ever! Solda was in and out in 3 months. They were professional, organized and always kept the job site clean. We also really appreciated how they could handle all aspects of the installation including pool installation, designing of the cabana, dealing with permits, etc.

From our first meeting to our first swim the entire team at Solda was awesome and we would happily use them again when we build our next pool!

Gary & Nicole, Kleinburg, 2014

Our forty year old pool badly needed renovating and upgrading. SOLDA Pools had built a new pool for our daughter a few years ago. Since she found SOLDA easy to work with, she strongly advised us to ask SOLDA to repair and renovate our pool.

Frank Solda came and inspected our pool.  After we told him what we wanted to accomplish, he made suggestions and gave us an anticipated cost and schedule.  We were happy that the work could be started and completed in the fall.

Our renovation and construction was a major job.  We wanted the pool to retain its original appearance, which required some creative work by SOLDA in repairing some coping pieces which are no longer available and considerable time examining multiple samples of marbelite to decide on the exact amount of crystals to be added. Nick Solda spent much time and return visits with Mimi to get this just right.  Nick provided us with three samples of the color for the marbelite, a service we greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU NICK!!!

After finishing the work on the pool, SOLDA built us a much needed pool house which is an added attraction to our backyard. SOLDA completed our work on schedule and on budget. When the pool renovation was completed, everything looked just as we wanted.

We found SOLDA very easy to work with…we thank NICK AND FRANK and SOLDA for the fine attention to achieve what we wanted.

Mimi and John, North York, 2013

When we first decided on converting our backyard to include a pool, we knew it would be a big project.  We wanted to ensure we selected a company that was not only in-tune with our requirements but one that would understand and make suggestions to improve some of the existing ideas we had in mind.  We spent months reviewing and meeting with several pool companies before we landed on Solda Pools.  Our deciding factor were the great reviews and a strong reference from our friends who had also used Solda and were very impressed with their service and professionalism.  I would have to agree, Solda was always available and wanting to ensure everything was perfect and too our liking.  At any point during the construction process, I could pick up the phone and there would always be someone to answer my call, not just an answering machine.  And within an hour a Solda family member would call me back to personally answer any questions that I had.  At each stage of the construction process there was a Solda family member involved and overlooking the work being done.  In fact, the moment I knew I had chosen the right company to do our backyard was when I wanted a larger shade structure than the one on the drawing after the holes had already been dug and mapped out.  Instead of trying to convince me otherwise, Peter and his crew spent 1/2 a day digging new holes for the posts 1ft wider.  I don’t think any other pool company would have gone through the lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additionally, I was extremely impressed with Mike and his carpentry.  The amazing work and suggestions they made for our shade structure and cabana to include all the things we wanted was incredible and he truly took the time to make it perfect. It is a wonderful place to sit, watch TV and relax, it is a piece of art and we love it.  Another member of the crew we were impressed with was Chris who was responsible for sealing our front/back patterned concrete.  We had neighbours commenting on never seeing someone work so hard to ensure the job was done correctly and thoroughly.

Overall the final result is an oasis of a backyard.  We’ve had friends come over and call our backyard a resort.  We have two young kids so this investment with Solda was worth every penny in creating a stay-cation which we absolutely love and will enjoy for many years to come.  We thank Solda for making the construction process a smooth and seamless one for us.  They really took the time to make our backyard unique to us and would recommend them to anyone looking to create their own backyard dream.

Michael & Joanna, Oakville, 2014

Solda does an amazing job installing a beautiful pool!   But no one really tells you how important your pool company selection is in terms of the “after installation” support.  With a new pool there is a lot to learn.

I cannot imagine anyone providing better service and making this process easier than Will Burns and his team.    Will gives you complete confidence that your issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently by his wonderful team.

Will is extremely responsive, completely professional and provides truly excellent service to his clients.

Lois, Toronto, 2014

Solda Pools is amazing!

Frank Solda impressed from the outset. He was knowledgeable, professional, and worked collaboratively with us to design the backyard of our dreams. He was extremely client-focused, providing us options without pressuring us in any direction. From that great first impression of the company, everything else flowed as well as could be imagined. Andrew Solda overlooked the operation as the crew installed a concrete pool, two shade structures, an outdoor barbecue, a cabana, a firepit and a hot tub. Everything went smoothly and on time. Andrew was always available to answer questions and promptly addressed any concerns we had. The Solda team also put together our landscaping plan, helped us select our plants, and did all the planting. After the job was complete, Solda Pools was and is always on-hand to answer questions and provide prompt and professional follow-up and maintenance care. From the beginning, and ongoing, we could not be happier with the quality of service provided by the team at Solda Pools. We would recommend them for any project.


Andrew and Lilly, Mississauga, 2014

I wanted to pass on to you, how impressed I am with Will and his customer service. He always answers the phone, is kind and very knowledgeable, he cares about his customers’ pool experience and goes out of his way to service me. I can’t imagine getting better customer service than what he provides.

Thank you for making him available to me when I need service. He’s a wonderful representative for your business.

Brent, 2015

We just want to express our gratitude to all the Solda team for a job well done. Every member of your team was courteous and polite and dedicated to delivering the best product possible. When challenges arose, as they always do, a solution was discussed with us so we were always kept in the loop. And, we were obviously thrilled our project was completed ahead of time and looks just beautiful (can’t wait to get to the painting and planting this spring).

Cindy and Chris, Etobicoke, 2013

Solda Pools Reviews       modasi2

Your company is exceptionally professional and will be strongly recommended. Frank is amazing….he does what he says….. And this is priceless……thanks again for being so reliable and professional. Thanks

David, Mississauga, 2013

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I’m just letting you know that your guys are truly a great company and worth every penny (cause you’re not cheap and now I know why). From the 1st meeting with Frank I felt I was in good hands with Solda and with every obstacle you guys proved you guys are the best period!! The courtesy you provided my neighbours was legendary and your guys rose to every occasion. Christian and Sherville’s crew went above and beyond to deal with them and always kept it professional. Thanks again

O.I, Mississauga, 2013

https://www.soldapools.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/12-016_Dusk-016.jpgFrom the time we first met with Solda until the project was completed, Solda was professional and true to their word on everything. They offer the highest quality construction and design concepts, with attention to every little detail. Solda has great follow up and timely service so everything is always working perfectly. Our pool is low maintenance and we enjoy it year-round, regardless of the weather. We would not hesitate to recommend Solda Pools for any project.

John and Sandra, Etobicoke, 2013

We had the pleasure of working with Solda Pools to create our backyard oasis. From the initial meeting with Frank Solda we knew we were dealing with the most knowledgeable professionals in the business. Frank took the time to carefully go through all of our options and help us design the backyard of our dreams. We worked closely with Andrew Solda who always took the time to respond to all of our questions and concerns in a very prompt manner. Solda is a family run business and their pride in their work is amazing. They installed a concrete pool for us with a water feature as well as a built-in hot tub which turned out beautifully. In addition, they transformed our old shed into a new structure, built another shade structure with an outdoor fireplace, and a complete outdoor kitchen. All the stone work and decking was also put in by their crew. Given the scope of this large project, it’s hard to believe there were no issues along the way and that everything ran as smoothly as it did. We truly have been thrilled with the customer service from their entire team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to deal with an exceptional company.

Michelle and Raj, North York, 2013

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job your company performed last summer with the installation of our pool.

We were very impressed with the complete and professional service our company provided from the initial design stages, right through until the final tree was planted. You developed out backyard into a very functional and attractive pool and garden area. The creative and the unique ideas that you adapted into our plan addressed all of our needs and made out backyard a very unique and special place.

We were most impressed with your site workers. They continually showed a great interest in working with us, “the customer”, to make sure that we were very happy with the project. The workers continually conducted themselves in a very professional and courteous manner at all times.

One again, thanks for a job well done and for creating a pool and landscaping design that will provide our family with many years of enjoyment.

Brian and Judy, Aurora, 1994

As your busy season starts to ease, I felt this was the most appropriate time to inspire planning to install a pool next year to “DO IT NOW”. Our fall installation was stress- free, the ground was solid, workmanship uninterrupted and your mastery at creating and delivering on schedule a pleasure to behold.

We saw a backyard full of dull grass transformed into a resort within a two week period. We have enjoyed the whole summer since opening the pool on the May long weekend and it has enhanced our lifestyle beyond our dreams.

Solda Pools offers the most complete package with impressive expertise in landscaping and deck work as well as pools. Thank you for taking the “fear” out of such a major project and actually making it fun.

Deborah Ann, 1994

I’ve been remiss in not writing sooner, but it’s probably because we’ve been enjoying our pool so much!

I want to thank you, Peter and your team for an absolutely outstanding piece of work. We have been very impressed with your company’s performance, both before and after completion.

The pool, spa and waterfall have been admired by ourselves and many guests throughout the summer.

We were particularly with your company’s ability to deliver on time and as promised! Please feel free to use us as referral or recommendation as you see fir!

Once again, thank you and all the best.

M.F, 1993

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you did planning and installing our pool. From start to finish everything was done professionally.

Being first time pool owners, we know we made the right decision in choosing your company. Everything went on schedule and within our budget as promised.

After speaking to Frank we decided to have a spa put on the pool as well. We are so happy we did. We use it all the time. It’s also a real hit with the kids.

We would also like to thank Peter for his ideas and suggestions for our concrete stairs and walkway. It looks great. John was a big help in making sure everything ran smoothly and answered all our questions.

We would highly recommend Solda Pools to anyone who is interested in installing a pool.

Lista, Brampton, 1992

The time to put in a pool had finally come. We had no trouble picking a company to do it. Solda Pools had been highly recommended by friends.

Frank Solda set up a meeting to get things going. He was very helpful in laying out a plan for our pool as was the pool architect.

Two weeks later, our pool was started. The workers at Solda work hard all day. They were very impressive. They even worked on Saturday just for our convenience.

Peter Solda worked in the site most days and was eager to please us if we wanted any changes.

We are very proud of our pool and the wonderful job that the Solda people did. We can hardly wait for the summer when the Solda crew opens our pool so that we can enjoy it.

Solda was the right choice for us and we recommend them highly.

Thanks Solda!

Terra Cotta, 1992

Now that the dust has settled, we would like to “formally” thank you, your two brothers and the rest of your team for the excellent job that you did on our pool and driveway.

As you know only too well, we had begun to think that the pool would never get finished, what with the weather, the city and our house builder. Despite all the problems we did manage to get three weeks swimming in and enjoyed every minute. Just as you promised, the patterned concrete deck is wonderful and all our friends comment on the unique treatment given to the steps outside the two patio doors. All this luxury and no grass to cut!

Despite the fact that we went way over budget, the decision to have the driveway done in the same material as the pool deck was definitely the right one and your creative design made the project worth every penny. We’re looking forward eagerly to the spring when we can get to enjoy the pool and have friends and family over to share in the fun. It’s rather ironic really, we bought a smaller house and yet the pool, walkway along the side of the house and the driveway make it seem like millionaires now!!

Thank you once again for the wonderful job and please feel free to have prospective customers visit our pool. We will be only too pleased to show it off.

David and Maria, Bramalea, 1992

Solda Pools ReviewsHey, Peter,

Well all I can say is wow. The final product looks amazing and just like Frank, you and John said you treated our project like it was your own and it showed, Many people have commented on the quality of everything but the biggest wow factor has come from your concrete work (the exposed aggregate is a hit)…you told me so, glad I listened to you. The advice on the retaining wall was also the right choice.

We are so glad we chose Solda, and have enjoyed the pool so much already. Again, thanks for the work, I’ve already recommended you to a number of folks, hopefully they will book with you. We would be happy to speak to anyone and act as a reference for your work…but I know you don’t need it.

Newmarket, 2012

We have had the privilege of having our Backyard Cottage created by the Solda Family some time ago. To open our doors to the serenity and convenience of a backyard retreat without the hassle of driving north is truly a blessing! From the excavation to the completed project, we were truly impressed by the craftsman of Solda Pools!

Over the years, wee have been extremely pleased by the service department, not only on opening and closing of the pool, but for any additional maintenance as well. Mr. Burns and his crew provide stellar service!

We are currently in the process of additional landscaping, to complete a newly erected garden shed. Once again, we continue another project with Solda, as their craftsmen provide outstanding work! We look forward to continuing to develop our Backyard Cottage with Solda!

The Millar Family, North York, 2010

Solda Pools installed a pool in my backyard over twenty years ago, and I continue to this day to rely on them for my servicing.

I want to thank Will and his team for their exceptional service throughout the years. They have made owning a pool a worry free joy because of their absolute reliability and attention to detail. Problems are solved before I even anticipate them. I would highly recommend Will and his team at Solda.

Many, many thanks for over twenty years of wonderful service.

Julie, Toronto, 2010

Mary Jo and I just want to confirm how wonderful Solda Pools service has been over the past eleven years. There has never been even one single instance in all that time where your service has not been excellent. You always come when we call. You are on time thorough efficient and helpful. As a result our pool is in tip top shape and look as good as new. We can’t thank you enough for making owning and maintaining a pool carefree and easy.

Terry & Mary Jo, North York, 2010

Our pool was constructed in 1997 by Solda Pools Ltd. Solda offers a full service package and they did the complete installation of the pool equipment, decking and Cabana, including gardens and sodding, and all were completed to our satisfaction.

During the following years we have enjoyed our summers by the pool and when service was required, it was done promptly and well.

The staff at Solda has always shown us courteous, prompt and efficient service. The information we have received was always helpful and the weekly water test has given our pool a longer life and kept our pool perfectly balanced. The opening and closing of the pool has always gone well and made our life easy. Our partnership with Solda has made our pool experience a positive one and we happily recommend their services to our friends and acquaintances.

George & Susan, Brampton, 2010

Hi Frank, John & Peter,

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful pool and landscaping work that you built for us in 2010. We were impressed by how carefully you planned and undertook each phase of what became a large component of our renovation. You always responded promptly to any concerns we had and in fact, John came out at 9pm one evening to inspect some flagstone we inadvertently loosened. We learned that you sincerely care about the quality of what you build and that you want your customers to be happy. In so doing, you have very happy customers!

We are very grateful to Peter for taking an entire day to calculate the grading of our property, and to help think through the best solution to our back yard steps at a below grade door. His design of flagstone steps look fantastic and have helped integrate the old part of our home to the new. It is a vast improvement over the original design. He graded the level of our garage floor, even though that was not part of his contract, as a favour.

Upon the initial running of our filtration system, we noticed the pump seemed a bit noisy. Frank responded immediately and brought the company rep to our pump, who was able to fine tune the equipment to a negligible level.

The tile and stonework were installed by skilled craftsmen who took a lot of pride in their work.
The value of using the Solda Brothers is that they took the viewpoint, what would I want done if it was my house. We would definitely recommend Solda Pools for their pool and landscaping work!


Nancy, Andy & Joe, Toronto, 2010

Dear Frank, Peter & John,

When we decided to install a pool, we knew that it was not going to be a simple venture. It was going to be a HUGE job!! After all, our ravine lot has 3 uneven levels, there were trees, and we had a sunroom to demolish.

We researched pool companies and it was clear that Solda Pools was considered the best. But of course, we called a few other companies for estimates. At different times, representatives came, saw our yard, said they would get back to us  and were never heard from again. It became evident that most companies wanted a simple installation of a pool, with no headaches.

When we met with Solda Pools, Frank came and surveyed our yard. He shook his head and told us it was a huge job. Instead of leaving like the others before him, he sat down with us and explained the process. He recommended materials, suggested landscaping ideas, and gave us an estimate. We immediately realized why Solda Pools was considered the best in the pool business. We felt that we were in great hands!!

Peter, John, and their construction crews, with a special mention to Craig and Alex were amazing skilled, professional, courteous workers who always showed up on time every day.
Our ugly backyard was transformed into a beautiful paradise. We could not be happier with the end result. In fact, Solda Pools was awarded Bronze in Technical Achievement by The Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada. Congratulations!!!

With sincere thanks and appreciation,

Onorio & Aurora, Toronto, 2010

Dear Frank, Peter, Nick, and all the staff,

As 2011 draws to a close, we look back to reflect on the year and everything that we were up to as a family. Unquestionably, a major highlight was our new Solda pool and landscape project.
Over the years we’ve completed many home renovations, and can honestly say that we’ve never experienced the combination of quality work, professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail that the Solda team displayed. This was combined with a positive attitude and a pride in workmanship that showed through in every Solda employee we met.

From initial design, through construction, to finishing touches, every stage of the project was a pleasure. The combination of the pool, the decking, the landscaping, and the lighting has transformed our backyard into our own little paradise.

We enthusiastically recommend Solda to everyone we know that is considering a pool and landscape project, and want to say Thank You for being such a pleasure to work with and for a job well done.

Mike, Carmen & Family, Oakville, 2011

The Solda brothers are an interesting bunch. It’s pricey but you get what you pay for. The service team especially Sherville are fantastic. If you want a good quality pool and understand value added service Solda is the company for you.

Tony, Thornhill, 2011

From beginning to end Solda pools was a pleasure to deal with. When doing my research, they came very highly recommended by friends and past customers of theirs. We dealt with Andrew who is relatively new to the business yet extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. We also had the input of a few of the company’s veterans here helping us plan and execute our vision as well. It is a family business that is very well run and they take pride and personal interest in making sure the job is done right. Always available when you need them, and construction staff was truly quick and professional. We are very pleased with the outcome and even though they are not the cheapest they are worth it! We have not had the chance as of yet to enjoy the pool because it was a fall install, however we are really looking forward to being up and ready early as not to miss even one sunny day out back! Thank-you Solda for a job well done!

Pamela and Greg, Mississauga, 2011

I recently had Solda install both my hot tub and pool. I thought taking on this project would be stressful, however, it wasn’t. They were very professional and organized. The staff was knowledgeable, hard working and friendly. Therefore the installation was completed on a timely basis and worry free. Solda took care of everything, they also obtained any permits I needed.

Marion, Bolton, 2011

Solda built our original pool in 1994 and we were very satisfied. Recently we had them in to refurbish our back yard. They did a wonderful job. They were in and out very quickly with significant pool/spa/ decking/ gardening re-modelling. They cleaned up everything perfectly. We really like Solda because they are a general contractor with the ability to complete the whole job.

Barry & Jean, Newmarket, 2011

Quality always speaks for itself and in our opinion, Solda Pools definitely delivers on all counts! We met Frank Solda in the early winter of 2011, shortly after deciding to undertake our huge backyard project. Immediately, we were impressed with his professionalism, depth of experience and Solda’s up-front “no surprise” pricing schedule that allowed us to realistically assess our costs for the project and budget accordingly. Our project began even earlier that projected despite our extremely rainy spring, and again, we were impressed with the work performed by every member of the Solda team. We can’t say enough about the crews that spent countless hours on our property. They were always courteous to my family and I, professional, and willing to address the few concerns/questions we had. Each and every Solda employee took great pride in the quality work they performed. We knew we were in great hands! In addition, Frank, John and Peter were valuable guides through the process. We were so grateful for their expert advice, and appreciated their commitment to complete customer satisfaction at every stage of the project. So impressed were we, that we decided to stretch our budget to include some work on our front yard as well. We are very proud of our new backyard, and find ourselves enthusiastically recommending Solda Pools whenever we have visitors to our home. With spring’s arrival, we now find ourselves counting down the days until the pool opens when we can bask in the sun, while enjoying this stunning extension of our home!

Derek & Lisa, Oakville, 2011

From start to finish Solda Pools informed us of the entire process and took us seamlessly through each phase of a project of this size. We love our pool and look forward to opening it up every year. This past year we completed the landscaping which is beautiful. As well as the exemplary work done consistently by Solda Pools, we enjoy their maintenance services which are equally excellent and always reliable. I am a business owner myself, and I am always impressed at how well this company is organized and run. Thank you all at Solda Pools for your beautiful work and your continued excellent service. We would very highly recommend Solda Pools if you want excellent quality, expertise, service, and reliability!

Elizabeth & David, East York, 2011

Simply the best – as a young family looking to install an pool and landscape in our new home we wanted a company that could take care of us from beginning to end. Solda took care of the entire job from design through plants in the gardens. We could not be happier that one of the Solda’s was at our place everyday making sure everything was done right and on time. I encourage anyone looking for a pool to give Solda a call!

Kasey & Bryan, Milton, 2011

I would like to thank Solda Pools for the amazing job they did on our pool. We have had two other pools built by other contractors and the way Solda constructs a pool cannot compare to anything we have seen. The attention to detail is bar none. The pool will defiitely outlive us. There was no comparison in the construction methods. We also have a beautifull pool and landscape to experience. It doesn’t hurt that the pool won a silver award in the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada Awards. We will enjoy our Solda Pools for years to come with our friends and family. Thank you Solda Pools and we highly recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a pool.

Gail & Craig, Cookstown, 2011

We chose Solda for our recent pool and spa project. Right from the get go they were all business. The initial site meeting gave us a great comfort level that allowed us to have a full understanding of the costs involved. Don’t be fooled by other pool companies only giving you half of the picture!! They did a fabulous job and were more than happy to work around other parts of the landscaping that we were doing ourselves. The post service was also exceptional. We had a troublesome heater that had to be changed out and rather then pointing fingers they worked at it until they had it sorted and never left us with the impression they were going to walk away from it. Great team of people!!

Don, Caledon, 2011

Solda Pools is definately THE company to call for an outstanding job! From start to finish our outdoor paradise was easy to deal with. All of the employees are kind and professional. The experience that the owners have, allowed us to feel confident that the job will be done to our expectations. As it was! I can’t say enough about the way the crew cleaned up every night after a days work so that we can look outside and not feel overwhelmed with dirt and dust. Solda is the best pool company and has my highest recommendation!

Mary, Vaughan, 2011

Solda Pools Toronto pool builderDear Frank, Peter and John (and the entire Solda team),

With Spring time weather upon us, and the onset of what we hope to be a very HOT summer, our pool is finally completed. We wanted to now take this opportunity to thank you and your entire team.

Making the decision to install a pool and recreate our backyard was one that we had been toying with for a long time. Last summer it all came to fruition. Before we knew it, we were on the phone with you and starting the process of selecting and installing our beautiful new pool and deck. I was amazed and shocked at how quickly it all happened. However, it speaks to the professionalism and reputation that Solda Pools has.

We were very pleased and so impressed at how everyone who played a part in the design, selection of materials, construction and installation worked together with us to create an incredible backyard oasis for our family. Thank you for making this process an enjoyable one and for being a wonderful team to work with.

Rolf and Claudia, Aurora, 2013

Solda Pools ReviewsThis is the 3rd pool we have put in from Solda… we will probably put in a 4th in the near future and I would not trust anyone but Solda to do my work. Expensive…yes…but you get what you pay for…Service and warranty is outstanding and timeliness is perfection with this company.

Grace & Bill, Mississauga, 2012

Our pool/spa was installed in 1988 by Solda Pools in a very timely fashion and quality. Since then, we have used Solda Pools exclusively for all of our pool and spa service needs including yearly openings and closings. Due to the original excellent quality of our pool and equipment, our service needs have thankfully been minimal considering the 20+ years we have had the pool. All Solda staff, including the office, on-site crew and service management have always been courteous, quick to respond, efficient, and have offered high quality that has been cost competitive. They take care in ensuring we are always pleased with their service. To this day, we are very pleased that we chose Solda and will continue using them for all our future needs. We highly recommend using the Service Team from Solda.

Doug, North York, 2012

Dear Frank, John & Staff,

In the summer of 1992, we became the proud & excited owners of a Solda pool. It was the best built, most attractive pool in the neighborhood & 20 years later continues to be so! We wanted to let you & your staff know that the construction of our pool has stood the test of time, exceeding our expectations in terms of durability. The shape, location & surrounding lay out have received many compliments over the years & have been a source of constant pleasure to our family.
We would also like to express our appreciation to the Solda staff for their friendly, courteous & efficient service over the years; special thanks to Diane for her helpful suggestions. (e.g. this year’s new color changing light has given new dimensions to night swimming) & expertise in all areas of pool maintenance.

We look forward to our continued association with the Solda organization & wish you much success as you continue to build the best pools in the neighborhood.

Malcolm & Sharon, Inglewood, 2012

Solda Pools ReviewsWhere do we begin?? Love it, Love it, Love it, we couldn’t be happier with the way our backyard turned out. Solda has truly exceeded all our expectations and has created a true paradise for us to enjoy for many years to come.

From your, administration, pool installers, labourers, and landscaping staff, they continued to impress everyday with how professional, courteous and punctual they were. It would be our absolute pleasure to recommend Solda to our family and friends…
Many thanks again! From our family to yours.

Curtis, Antonietta and Ryan, Bradford, 2012


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