6 Great Poolside Party Ideas

Pool parties are one of the best ways to gather all of your friends, family, peers, and neighbors for a fun time where everyone can socialize. There are many wonderful ways to throw a party and one of them is by creating a themed party. It is important to set the party up on a day where the weather is said to be favorable and to assure that you have covered all of the bases to throw a party everyone will remember.

Poolside Party Ideas

  1. Throw a movie night by the pool
  2. This allows people to enjoy their favorite movies while swimming. You can bring out a large flat screen and hook it up away from the water, or you can use a projector screen. Put out snacks such as popcorn and candy, and provide beverages.

  3. Throw a magical pool night
  4. Use candles, hanging rope lights, sheer fabrics, and other majestic finds to create a beautiful glow by the pool. You can even put floating candles and flower pedals in the pool.

  5. Throw a glow stick party
  6. Purchase a lot of glow sticks and other fun objects to throw in the pool. Purchase black lights and have everyone wear a brightly colored or neon bathing suit.

  7. Throw a more formal party
  8. Create a table spread of cold refreshments and elegant foods. You can even make ice cubes that have herbs and berries frozen in them, as well as edible flowers such as pansies.

  9. Have a Hawaiian themed party
  10. Buy grass skirts and leis for everyone. These can usually be purchased online, at dollar stores, or even party shops. Decorate with tropical colors and use bamboo accents. Serve foods such as pineapple and pork, and even have tropical drinks made.

  11. Have a Vegas themed pool party
  12. Pull out the poker cards and chips, set out games on tables, and use neon tube lighting as part of the decor. Bright primary colors such as green and red are always great for Vegas themed parties. You can even have prizes for the winners of each game. Serve cold alcoholic beverages and have foods such as sandwiches and sushi put out.

You can throw any type of pool party you want. The trick is coming up with a theme and then decorating according to that theme. Luckily, no matter what kind of party you throw, the pool is plenty of entertainment and people will certainly have a good time. Pools are a great way to get everyone socialized, and to gather your loved ones.


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