Preventing Pool Accidents This Winter

One wrong step is all it takes to turn an ordinary day into a disaster. So has been the case for many children and animals who unknowingly slip and fall into backyard pools every year during the winter months.

Winter Pool Accidents

If you are a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure proper safety measures are in place to prevent such accidents from happening. Whereas accidental drownings are a major cause of concern in the summertime, a number of serious injuries and fatalities happen in the off-season as well.

Make Your Pool Accident-Proof

Think about it for a second; most in-ground residential pools have a maximum depth of at least five feet. This is more than enough to cause serious harm to an unsuspecting child or pet that accidentally wanders onto a covered surface. You read that right, even an adequately covered outdoor pool can be a safety hazard if not secured and/or blocked effectively.

It goes without saying that their uncovered counterparts are vastly more dangerous, but in no way does that alleviate your duty as a liable homeowner to take proactive action. This means investing in a high quality tarp or mesh cover. Aside from unnecessarily exposing your pool to the harsh winter elements, makeshift or inferior materials put innocent bystanders at risk.

A Good Cover Goes a Long Way in Terms of Safety

Although it is unlawful for strangers to trespass on your property, you can and likely will be held accountable for accidents incurred as a result of an improperly secured pool. To avoid a lawsuit or worse, install a mesh safety net and secure it well with aquablocks. This will prevent the cover from caving under extra weight.

Along with installing an approved cover, it is also a good idea to invest in a temporary fence to enclose the pool. This does not have to be expensive, but just enough to enclose the perimeter and keep children and animals at bay.

It is always better to be too safe than sorry. You can never go wrong with employing additional protection measures, especially since snow and ice make for slippery walkways. With that, make sure to lay enough salt down near the vicinity to prevent accidental falls. All of these steps are crucial for proper outdoor pool winterization.


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