The Health Benefits Of Swimming

There are many health benefits associated with physical activity. Swimming is relaxing but also keeps your mind, body, and soul in good shape. It is important to swim using proper technique, as swimming with poor technique can do more harm than good.

Benefits Of Swimming

What are the Health Benefits of Swimming?

  • You won’t need to do the south beach diet. Swimming helps you to lose belly fat. Since you are working out and hopefully using good form, you are working out your abs, arms, and legs.
  • It helps to improve you concentration. You have to coordinate your mind and body to swim with ease.
  • It can make you more flexible. As your body is doing different movements in certain strokes, you are working many muscle groups for a complete workout. If you also stretch out in the water, you are able to ease tension and increase your overall flexibility.
  • Swimming keeps your cholesterol levels in check. The continuous aerobic exercise that swimming gives your body helps it to create high-density lipoproteins. These help to pick up and move the low-density cholesterol in your body and break it down better, which will put you at a lower risk of heart disease.
  • Burn those calories. If you swim the backstroke, you are burning many calories – even more than you realize.
  • You can build lean muscle through resistance exercises. Your body will be stronger and more toned.
  • It can improve your posture. You can strengthen the muscles that are responsible for helping you walk tall, by doing front and back crawl.
  • Reduce your joint pain and stress. A warmer water temperature can help to soothe your aches and pains including arthritis and muscle tension.
  • Your asthma symptoms can improve. You are able to work out in moist air – which can help to reduce your exercise related asthma symptoms.
  • It releases your happy, feel good chemicals also known as endorphins.
  • It has been said that people who swim, live longer.

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