5 Best Landscaping Ideas For Around The Pool

Now that you’ve got your pool fully installed and it’s up and running and ready to be used, what to do about the yard space around it? Adding some finishing touches to the space around your pool is a great way to accent the water and make the area really come to life.

Landscaping Ideas For Pools

Below are 5 great landscaping ideas for around the swimming pool:

Gazebos. A small gazebo is a great idea to add some wooden charm to your poolside area. Put a small table in it, or perhaps a chair swing, and decorate it with some nice vines and you can have your coffee in the morning, poolside, Venetian style!

Rocks formations. Playing with rocks and stones anywhere in your yard is a great way to add some rustic charm, especially to an urban yard. Place an arrangement of granite or slate on the grass around the pool in a stepping-stone formation.

Fire pit. Outdoor fire pits are all the rage right now and it’s not hard to see why. Fire pits quickly become important gathering places in a back yard, and having one beside your pool means that your entertaining capabilities go up exponentially. Have friends and family over for a swim and once everyone is tired, take the party to the fire pit and roast some marshmallows together.

Cactus gardens. There is just something about the desert that makes the idea of water seem all the more refreshing. A cactus garden is easy to plant and keep and adds a nice touch of the southwest to a small pocket of your backyard. Throw in some sand and maybe some mesquite and your cool downs will feel that much cooler.

Sand pit. Digging a small sand pit beside your pool will really make the kids feel like they are at the beach. Grab a couple of buckets and some spades and you don’t even have to leave home to spend a day lounging at the beach. If you want the sand gone at the end of the summer, you can simply load it into some garbage bags and drive it down to your nearest beach or pond.

Adding some character around the pool goes a long way to making the pool itself stand out. A lot of the time, the accents that we place around the main attractions can make or break how well something like a swimming pool really fits into a back yard. Try some of the above suggestions if you are trying to figure out how to augment the look of your pool and watch the yard come to life.


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