Best Way To Clean Tile At Your Pool's Waterline

Pools are beautiful when they’re beautiful. Unfortunately, it takes some work to keep them in top shape. Maintaining a clean and pristine pool can be a bit of work, but it’s much easier if you stay on top of things. Once you let your maintenance slide, the problems often become compounded.

Cleaning Tiles At Your Pool’s Waterline

One thing you’ll have to mind is your pool’s waterline, which is where the pool water meets the tile. Here, you can get an unsightly ring around the pool or just general wear and film on the tiles. Cleaning this is not necessarily a big job; not if you do it right.. So here is the best way to clean the tile at your pool’s waterline.

Break it up

You can devote an afternoon or two out of the year and clean the whole thing, but it might be better if you clean the tile in increments.

While others are splashing about in the pool and you’ve had your fill, break out some non-abrasive cleaners and do you cleaning alongside the company. You can still be part of the conversation and enjoy the sun and weather, all while getting essential work complete.

What to use

The best tool for the job is, surprisingly, a standard, hard-bristled toothbrush.

If you haven’t let the the grime get too bad along the tile, then you have a number of milder substances you can use to remove it to get the tiles looking spick and span again. These substances include: baking soda, borax, vinegar, toothpaste (sticking with the dental theme), or dish detergent. These should be enough to clean off most mild girme.

Heavy duty

If the grime along the tiles has got quite bad, however, you’ll have to consider other options. You might want to get out a pair of rubber gloves, a pumice stone, and a heavy duty cleaner.

One recommended brand is The Works, which is used to clean a variety of surfaces. As ever, you should always check the contents of all cleaners to make sure they’re safe for you and your family and the environment, as well.

Just as it does in your bathtub, the dirt and grime that washes from your body often rises to the surface level of pools, leaving an unsightly ring if left unattended to. If you’re having a problem keeping your pool clean or want to know how to better maintain your pool, contact the Solda Pools team today!



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