How To Use Liquid Chlorine In Your Pool

Pools need chlorine – yet, pool owners find it intimidating to administer this substance. Understanding how to use liquid chlorine can help you to eliminate any challenges you might encounter.

The Best Way To Use Liquid Chlorine In Your Pool

Basically, chlorine can be added to pools in three different ways: Granular, pucks and liquid. When using liquid chlorine, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Here are some guidelines:

Safety first

Chlorine is much more powerful than bleach and precautions should be taken. Wear shoes – not sandals – and eye protection, if possible. Donning pants which cover any exposed skin and wearing fitted latex gloves is also a good idea. If any chlorine comes into contact with your skin, wash the area immediately and thoroughly.

The right way and time

Since liquid chlorine will burn off quickly in direct sunlight, it’s best to add it to your pool in the evening. Wait until the sun begins to or has set.

Don’t cradle the bottle of chlorine – instead, hold it as far away from you as possible as you add it to the pool. Pour it into the deep end of the pool as close to the surface of the water as you can to stop it from splashing. Once you’ve added the chlorine, the walls and floor of the pool should be brushed to help kill off any algae and to mix the chlorine well with the water. If this step is missed, the chlorine will sink to the bottom of the pool, possibly damaging the liner. The cover should be kept open and the pump circulating during the night. Check the chlorine reading in the morning, ensuring it is at one to three ppm, which is in the normal range.

Proper storage

Always store liquid chlorine in a cool place. Chlorine levels will diminish at higher temperatures. For instance, the level of chlorine stored at 26C will drop from twelve to nine per cent in just one day.

To help the chlorine circulate better, it should be added near the pool’s water return and not by the skimmer. If you’re new to pool maintenance, it’s important that you get a test kit so you’ll be able to make sure you’re adding the proper chemicals in the proper amounts.

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