Swimming Pool Design & Construction Toronto

Swimming Pool Design & Construction Toronto

An Integrative Approach To Concrete & Vinyl Swimming Pool Construction

For nearly 30 years, Solda Pools commitment to a unique turn-key approach has ensured superior quality construction of award-winning in-ground pools and spas. Solda Pools uses quality materials, equipment, and its own expert staff to ensure a superior finished product.

To assure superior quality at Solda Pools, we never use sub-contractors. Preferring an integrative approach to construction, we have an in-house team of electricians, carpenters, plumbers, licensed gas-fitters, and an expert excavation and construction crew dedicated to transforming your vision of a backyard pool paradise into a reality. Our hand-picked team is built of skilled workers you can trust to do the job right.

Our customers are guaranteed that their custom-designed pool will be expertly installed by skilled craftsmen under the direct supervision of the seasoned Solda brothers. With a Solda manager on-site overseeing construction, clients have peace of mind that construction will unfold seamlessly and on schedule and any issue that arises will be dealt with promptly.

The structural integrity of a Solda Pool is guaranteed with the installation of a two-stage gunite concrete bottom, high quality galvanized steel walls and custom fit vinyl liner. All custom features are available with a Solda Gunite Vinyl Lined Pool. To ensure the longevity and reliability of our products, all pools are equipped with a drainage system.

Whether you want to create a natural pond or a customized backyard oasis, each luxury concrete pool is built to meet Soldas highest standard of quality and workmanship. High strength gunite concrete is applied using a hydraulic pumping system to the rebar reinforced shell and is completed with a marbelite and tile finish. Our Gunite Concrete Pools provide customers with design flexibility to incorporate unique custom features.


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