Tips For Keeping Debris Out Of Your Pool

The following tips will help you to keep debris out of your pool not only so you can enjoy your pool all season long, but also in the years to come. Regular maintenance is absolutely essential to your pool’s lifespan.

Keeping Debris Out Of Your Pool

  • Daily skimming
  • If you get into the habit of daily skimming with a skimmer net, you will keep on top of any recent debris that has made its way into your pool, making the upkeep process much easier. Not only that, but you will keep your pool looking pristine all season long.

  • Weekly vacuuming
  • Part of maintaining your pool is vacuuming it on a weekly basis. Starting at the shallow end of your pool, slowly move your vacuum back and forth. Alternatively, you could also consider investing in a robot vacuum to remove any debris at the bottom of your pool to take care of some of your maintenance for you.

  • Maintain your pool’s filter/pump
  • Your pool filter is responsible for removing debris, leaves and more. Your filter requires some maintenance too if it is to be as efficient at doing its job. This means cleaning the filter basket on a weekly basis and doing backwashing once a month by turning your filter to the backwash setting, cleaning the basket and then turning on your pump.

  • Try the pantyhose skimmer hack
  • You can catch even smaller particles of debris in your pool by placing pantyhose over your skimmer baskets.

  • Ensure that the water level isn’t too high
  • The skimmer is the device that pulls any debris from the surface of your pool. However, if your pool water is too high, debris like leaves won’t have the opportunity to be pulled into the skimmer (alternatively, if the water level is too low, your pump’s motor can quickly burn out). In general, water should rise ⅓ and ½ above your pool skimmer.

  • Use tennis balls to collect oil
  • Throw a few tennis balls into your pool to collect residual oils that may in your pool, whether from natural body oils or synthetic oils from products such as sunscreens, body lotions, etc.

  • Landscape
  • If you have a lot of leaves or blossoms in your pool, you may want to consider trimming back any nearby trees or bushes and possibly even replacing them completely.

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